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Know about the types of air compressors

Air CompressorsAn air compressor is a machine of engineering brilliance that uses the power drawn from a motor and converts it into potential energy. So, an air compressor is basically reduces human work load as any other machine does. The basic working principle of an air compressor is, it forces air to store into a smaller volume to increase its pressure and when the air is depressurized out of the small storage the kinetic energy of the outlet air is used to accomplish various operations.

Air compressor is a very useful device, and nowadays they are not only used in large industries or at household devices like refrigerators, but also to accomplish various daily household works. If you are someone who prefers to do the maintenance work by yourself, then buying an air compressor will be very useful for you. So, the primary problem is to choose the best and right compressor for you. So, here air compressor reviews and a buying guide is provided.

Advantages of using an air compressors –

  • Air compressors can be used to carry out various activities, but mainly, this machine is used to power up most of the regular tools for your workshop. So, it reduces the requirement of any other power source, such as electricity.
  • Air compressor can be used to power up your workshop tools for longer periods of time over batteries, that too without recharging.
  • Another advantage of air compressors over batteries are that it can be used to power tools that consumes a high amount of power.

So, basically using air compressor is friendly to your pocket, as it is a potential money saver over batteries. Now, based on the type of power used by your compressor it can be divided in two parts described below –

  • Gas powered – Air compressors that uses gas or gasoline as their source of power are the gas powered air compressors obviously. Gas powered air compressors are used mainly for small units such as in cars and portable air compressors. If you are buying an air compressor for a remote, rural area where electricity is not available gas powered air compressors are the obvious choice.
  • Electricity powered – Electricity powered air compressors are easy to use with the advantage of constant power source. The voltage supply lines can be varied to use based the power of your compressors.

Again based on how the air used inside an air compressor, air compressors can further be divided into two parts described below –

  • Positive displacement air compressor – This type of air compressors are used mainly for domestic purposes. As this kind of air compressors are generally low in power requirement and compatible with most of the tools. Moreover, these are easy to use units with low maintenance requirement, though these types of air compressors require a little time to refill its high pressure air chamber. Also, the attached belt drive is infamous for making a little noise.
  • Dynamic Air compressors – These types of air compressors work by accelerating and de-accelerating the velocity of the air to create the required pressure difference. These are generally the more efficient type.

So, go through the reviews and choose the best air compressor to fit your requirements.